Generator Repair Services

nexGEN provides high-quality and cost-effective generator refurbishment, repair, and rewind services; fact and findings-based. Our focus is always what is best for your equipment and extending its service life. Some of the more common services include:

  • Solvent hand-cleaning.
  • Dry ice blast cleaning.
  • Buff epoxy-paint overcoating.
  • End winding and circuit ring blocking repairs and replacement.
  • End Winding Stabilization System installation.
  • Corona suppression system reclamation and repair.
  • Partial or full stator slot wedge system replacement.
  • Stator core interlaminar insulation repairs.
  • Retaining rings-off inspection, recondition, and repair.
  • Generator stator and rotor rewinding.
  • Brushless exciter component rehabilitation and rebuilding.
  • Flux probe system installation.
  • Partial discharge analysis system installation.
  • End winding vibration monitoring system installation.
  • High voltage bushing repair and replacement.
  • Iso Phase bus cleaning and refurbishment.

Other services


Dry Ice Blasting

CO2 Dry Ice Blasting


Stator Rewinding

Turbine Generator Stator Rewinding