End Winding Stability

Stator End Winding Stability System

Inspection/Tests Performed:

  • Visual Inspection.
  • End Winding Frequency Response Analysis or “Bump Test”.
  • Stator winding tests - Insulation Resistance (IR), Polarization Index(PI), DC Leakage, Winding Resistance, Power Factor and Tip-up,Wedge Tightness, and Core Testing as Specified.

Stability System Installation:

  • This system consists of a support structure composed of glass ropes that are fitted to the end windings, injected with epoxy, and cured.
  • The Stator End Winding Stability System incorporates the following key components: Inboard Circumferential Cone Rope Structure, Long Ties in the Winding Cone Structure, Outboard Cone RopeStructure, End Winding Thermal Expansion Slip Plane.


  • Prevents abnormal end winding vibration, especially in the 120 Hz range.
  • Prevents generator degradation due to vibration, abrasion, and looseness.
  • Generator life extending qualities.

Final Report:

  • Standardized format provided electronically (CD or electronic mail).
  • Photographs of critical areas in the stator windings, core, and rotor windings.
  • Stator End Winding Frequency Response Analysis performed both before and after the installation of the Stability System.
  • Summary of all insulation tests and inspections performed.

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