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Generator Reliability Inspection Programs (GRIP®)

Both during operation and at rest an electric power generator is subjected to external and internal influences, which either individually or in concert, can reduce the useful life span of the asset. This reduction in serviceable life can take years to gain foothold, or occur in an instant.

Experts within the power generation industry have divided these influences or mechanisms into four primary categories: 1) Thermal Aging; 2) Electrical Aging; 3) Mechanical Aging, and; 4) Environmental Aging. Evidence of these negative effects can commonly be discovered by means of visual examination, electrical testing, and/or mechanical inspection. Routine generator assessment, combined with required findings-based maintenance and repair, is paramount in minimizing the inconvenience and expense of unplanned outages.

As the power generation fleet ages, the potential for unplanned outage events caused by the generator increase. That said, if a generator assessment/maintenance program is implemented early, and configured to coincide with the outage windows as defined by the turbine, owners and operators may enjoy: 1) Decreased forced outages; 2) Increased availability, and; 3) Decreased maintenance costs. nexGEN offers just such a strategy with our Generator Reliability Inspection Program (GRIP®).