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Generator Foreman

Generator Foreman

The Generator Foreman reports directly to the project specific nexGEN Generator Specialist.  This role is responsible for the successful execution of contracts by leading the crew of Generator Technicians assigned to them.  They will be directly responsible for assigning work performed by nexGEN personnel and its subcontractors that is conferred by the Generator Specialist.  They may have direct contact with many of the customer’s employees.


Primary Functions:

  • Take ownership any/all generator assessment and repair projects as assigned.
  • Give input and direction to all project-specific generator personnel.
  • Give input and direction with respect to resource management, tooling, safety and quality.
  • Assist in planning and directing site kick-off meetings with customers.
  • Assist in the scheduling and directing post outage reviews with customers.
  • Assist in outage reports in order to ensure customer contract deadlines are adhered.
  • Assist in outage reports in order to ensure that safety plans suffice the plant requirements.
  • Give input on crew selection, technical discussions, development and execution of overall project.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of nexGEN and industry safety practices, policies, rules & regulations.
  • Ability to operate cranes, rigging operations, forklifts and scissor lifts within safety guidelines.
  • Knowledge of major and routine assessment, recondition, repair and rewind of generators.
  • Knowledge of all nexGEN electrical test equipment and their setup.
  • Extensive knowledge of generator visual inspection and electrical testing.
  • Provide leadership in assessment, recondition, repair and rewind of generator components.
  • Stator repairs; solvent cleaning, dry ice blasting, end winding blocking repair and replacement.
  • Stator slot wedge replacement, core iron repairs, ground wall insulation replacement.
  • Extensive knowledge of the rewind of generator stator rewinding.
  • Rotor repairs; component removal and installation, coupling, blower hubs, retaining rings.
  • Rotor end winding blocking removal and installation. End winding recondition.
  • Extensive knowledge of the rewind of generator rotor rewinding.
  • Ability to use within accuracy of 0.001-inch micrometers, dial calipers, dial indicators, feeler gauges.
  • Computer skills in Word, Excel and Outlook, test software knowledge; El CID, WTD, DC Ramp, Doble.
  • Test setup skills; IR, PL, DC Hi Pot, El CID, WTD, Doble, etc.
  • Ability to communicate well with crew and customers.
  • Ability to perform safety walk-down of a generator and work area with no supervision.
  • Perform standard personal lock-out/tag-out with no supervision.
  • Ability to perform GRIP-1/2 assessment with no supervision. Supervise and perform all tasks.
  • Ability to perform GRIP-3 assessment with little-to-no supervision.


Credentials and Experience:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in generator related business.
  • Training in operation of generator testing equipment.
  • Mechanical or electrical technical degree or training in electrical or mechanical technical vocation a plus.
  • Certification or attendance certificates for Doble testing, El CID and related testing a plus.


Special Requirements:

  • Ability to perform duties in stressful situations.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently.
  • Ability to work long hours and maintain proficiency.
  • Must work with energized circuits and be highly safety conscious.
  • Flexibility and emotional control is important.


How to Apply:

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